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Documents and Bylaws

Central CobbYouth Basketball Association Organization
Documents and Bylaws Effective September 1, 2018

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Article I: Purpose:The Central CobbYouth Basketball Association (referred to herein as the CCYBA and/or the Association) is organized to provide young men and women of CobbCounties,Georgia (and surrounding areas), the opportunity to learn and playthe game of basketball in a supervised, competitive and instructional environment promoting a high level of sportsmanship and fair play. The Association’s constant goals are to provide a safe and fun basketball experience concurrent with a quality and fair level of basketball play. These bylaws provide the structure for the league, and –combined with the CCYBA Rules of Play –dictate how the CCYBAshall operate. As a member of CCYBA, organizations agree toabide by these bylaws and the CCYBA Rules of Play.Article II: MembershipSection I: Membership CategoriesThe CCYBA operates youth league basketball games among its member organizations. CCYBA members are any youth basketball organizations from throughout CobbCounties, Georgia(and surrounding areas). As a condition of membership, organizations agree toabide by these bylaws and the CCYBA Rules of Play (adopted or revised each season by membership vote). Youth basketball organizations must apply for membership to CCYBA in writing to the Association Vice President, no later than 1 September to be eligible for league play in December. New member applications must receive a majority approval from existing members in good standing for entry into CCYBA. CCYBA membership levels are as follows:1.Member in Good Standing –member organizations with full voting rights; for the purposes of these bylaws, the use of the term “Member” refers to CCYBA Membersin Good Standing unless otherwisenoted.2.Probationary Member –Probationary Members may participate in league playand attend league meetings, but do not have voting rights. Organizations are designated “Probationary Members” for the followingreasons:a.New Members –candidate organizations are voted into CCYBAas Probationary Members for 1 (one)CCYBAseason.b.Majority vote –Member organizations may be designated “Probationary Members” by a majority vote of all other CCYBAMembers.Upon completion of one probationary season, members move to “Member in Good Standing” on 1 September of the following year unless a majority vote by Members recommends a second probationary season. After a second probationary season,members must either bemoved to “Member in Good Standing” or “Member Terminated” by majority vote of all other Members.

23.Member Terminated –member organizations that have had CCYBAmembership revoked. Only a majority vote of all other Members can revoke an CCYBA membership (after at least 1 year as ProbationaryMember).CCYBAmembership is a privilege that should be taken seriously by all participants. Members are expected to adhere to all financial, conduct and administrative responsibilities as set forth in these Bylaws and the CCYBARules of Play. Failure to meet expectations or obligations will result in probation and/or termination of membership.Section II: Member Voting RightsEach Member or their designated representative shall have 1 (one) vote to cast for Association Decisions. Association Decisions require a vote and must obtain a majority “yea” to pass. No votes for Association Decisions may happen unless a quorum of Members –defined as amajority of “Members in Good Standing” –are present at a meeting, or provide their vote by proxy to the CCYBAExecutive Board. Proxy voting may happen by any medium, electronic or otherwise, as long as the intent can be shared with other Members as proof if necessary.Association Decisions are defined as follows:1.All actions that requires a contractual agreement be entered by theAssociation2.All actions that results in the Association expending or receiving funds, goodsor services not covered by an existing and approved contract orarrangement3.All rule and by lawchanges4.All actions related to Membership status, unless otherwise noted in Article II, Section I of thisdocument5.Removal of Association officers prior to termexpiration6.Any action that could give the appearance that the Association is taking a political or social stand on any issue, or advocates for a particular position related to state orlocal budget or politicalissuesAny decision required that does not fall into the classification of an Association Decision shall be made by the Executive Board, majority vote. Executive Board decisions can be overruled by Member majority vote.Section III:MeetingsThe Association shall conduct a General Meeting prior to the start of each season for the purpose of voting on officers for the upcoming season (as applicable), reviewing and/or ratifying the CCYBABylaws and Rules of Play and organizing activities for the upcoming season. The Association shall conduct a General Meeting at the end of each season for the purposes of reviewing the past season, closing out financial obligations of the past season and discussing any issues related to the upcoming season. Other meetings may be called from time to time by the Association President (or designee) as required by the Association. Notice of the place, date, and time of an Association meeting shall be given in writing to each Member not less than three days prior to the meeting by electronic medium. Meetings are open to all parents and coaches, but     each Member shall only have 1 (one) vote. Association meetings shall be chaired by the CCYBAPresident or designee and conducted using Roberts’ Rules of Order.

3each Member shall only have 1 (one) vote. Association meetings shall be chaired by the CCYBAPresident or designee and conducted using Roberts’ Rules of Order.Article II: Executive BoardThe Association Executive Board (hereafter referred to as “officers”) shall be selected from Member organizations and shall include a Recording Secretary, a Treasurer, a Vice President, and a President. The Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President shall each serve a one-year term beginning with the General Meeting prior to each season. The President shall serve a 2-year term beginning with the General Meeting prior to of each season. A President may only serve 2 consecutive terms. Elections for the Executive Board shall be held annually at the General Meeting prior to the upcoming season. Any person is eligible for nomination to the Executive Board as long as he/she is affiliated with an organization that is a Member in Good Standing. Election of the officers shall be by majority vote of the Members in Good Standing. The President can call a meeting of the Executive Board at any time deemed necessary.Section I: Duties of the Officers:A.Recording Secretary –shall be responsible for reporting the minutes of the meetings and for organizing communication between the Association and the Members. The Recording Secretary is the Chair of the Public Relations and CommunicationCommittee.B.Treasurer –shall be responsible for maintaining and accounting for the funds of the Association, determining financial assessments for the approval of the Members and for reporting to the Members the financial condition of the Association. The Treasurershall be the Chair of the FinanceCommittee.C.Vice President –shall assist the President in all duties delegated and act as Presidentif the President is unavailable. The Vice President is Chair of the Rules and Ethics Committee.D.President –shall be responsible for the overall direction and management of the Association subject to these Bylaws and the CCYBARules of Play. The President shall call Association meetings, set meeting agendas and preside over meetings unless delegated to the Vice President. In consultation with the other Association officers, the President shall coordinate decisions with the Executive Board for issues not specifically covered under “Association Decisions”.Article III: CommitteesSection I: Standing CommitteesThe Association shall establish standing committees to execute tasks related to the organization and function of league play. The following standing committees shall be created each season at the General Meeting prior to season start. Membership on these committees is open to all volunteers across Member organizations.1.Scheduling and Competition –shall handle all aspects of collecting team, coachand player information and create and maintain the league play schedule; issue-weather
cancellations; create tournament brackets with input from Members as necessary. The Scheduling and Competition Chair shall be appointed by the Executive Board.2.Rules and Ethics –shall review sportsmanship and behavior issues of players, coaches, parents and officials and determine disciplinary actions for all Association and Member individuals; interpret rules; review new member requests; review eligibility and eligibility waivers and protests; develop and conduct pre-season coaches training; interface with officials and officials organizations as necessary. The Rules and Ethics Committee shall be chaired by the Association Vice President. All disciplinary actions of the Rules and Ethics committee arefinal.3.Finance –shall manage Association finances, assess fees, and maintain proper Association accounting and report financial status to the league. Conduct year-end financial assessments and report debts and credits to Members. The Finance Committee shall be chaired by theTreasurer.4.Public Relations and Communication–shall manage league documents, website, social media; update scores online. The Public Relations and Communication Committee shall be chaired by the RecordingSecretary.Section II: Ad Hoc CommitteesThe Executive Board may stand up ad hoc committees at any time for a specifically defined purpose. Ad hoc committees shall be comprised of a chair and membership, and shall have a written charter describing the purpose and life cycle of the committee. Ad hoc committees may transition to a standing committee by majority Member vote.Article IV: Member ResponsibilitiesSection I: General Membership ResponsibilitiesMembers shall appoint or elect a responsible individual to represent their interests. That personis to be known as the “Area Coordinator” for the Member. Members shall ensure teams are generally representative of their neighborhood and/or school district. Any player from any area is free to play on any team so long as the goal of league parity is notdiminished. “Recruiting” players from another area with the intent of increasing the competitiveness of a team or organization at the expense of another is prohibited and can be protested to the Rules and Ethics committee. Members agree to accept players and form their teams without consideration of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, familial status, ordisability.Area Coordinators (or their designee) shall:A.AttendCCYBAmeetingsB.Organize player registrations within theirorganizationC.Organize their respective teams, assign coaches and assistant coaches and submit information to the Association adhering to timelines determined by the Schedulingand CompetitionCommitteeD.Provide appropriate training and resources for coaches 5E.Provide for the uniform and equipment needs of their players that adhere to Association Bylaws, CCYBARules of Play and the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) rules as applicableF.Provide gym facilities for practices and home games for regular season and tournament games. Members are responsible for providing gym space for at least half of the games scheduled for the teams it enters into the league. For example, a Member entering 2 teams in CCYBAwould be responsible for providing gym space for a minimum of 10 games –2 teams X 5 home games in a 10 game season. Each Member providing gym facilities shall secure appropriate insurance acceptable to the school authorities at their ownexpense.G.Provide and pay for certified officials for games held in Member gyms, if Member chooses not to use Association providedofficialsH.Adhere to financial and administrative requirements as dictated by theAssociationI.Manage player, coach and parent conduct that adheres to Association Bylaws, CCYBARules of Play and sportsmanship through the use and enforcement of a documentedCode ofConductIn addition to designating an Area Coordinator, each member organization must provide at least 1 volunteer for membership on a standing or ad hoc committee. Although not required, it is encouraged to be someone other than the Area Coordinator.

Section II: Player and Team EligibilityMembers shall be responsible for ensuring all players meet eligibility requirements and are properly rostered on a team. Rosters are due to the Scheduling and Competition committee prior to the first regular season league game. Final rosters are due on January 1st and cannot be altered after that date without approval from the Rules and Ethics committee. The following are the age restrictions for each age band (described in Article V, Section II):A.U10 -Under 10 years old on September1B.U12 -Under 12 years old on September1C.U14 -Under 14 years old on September1D.U16 -Under 16 years old on September1E.U19 -Under 19 years old on September1Members are responsible for verifying birthdates and providing proof of age for players to the Association upon request. Waiver requests can be submitted to the Rules and Ethics committee; however, in general, requests to waive age requirements based on a player closely missing a birthdate cutoff will not be approved. If an ineligible player is found to have played in a game, that game and any other where the ineligible player played, shall be deemed a forfeit.Players may only be rostered on 1 CCYBAteam per season. Players may NOT play on multiple CCYBAteams within the same, or different organizations. Players may temporarily “play up” on a different age/gender band team within an organization to assist a team that may be short on players due to illness/injury or absence. Players may NOT fill in for a team outside of their Member organization. A maximum of 3 players can be temporarily brought up to fill in on a higher age/gender band team. A player may not “play down” for any reason.Boys cannot play on girls’ teams and girls cannot play on boys’ teams without a waiver from the Rules and Ethics committee. Teams may only play in one age/gender band in a season; teams may NOT be entered into multiple age/gender bands at the same time within any season.Players are NOT eligible to play in CCYBAif they are a rostered member of another competitively selected team, whether that is through an CCYBAmember organization or any other outside organization. Competitively selected teams include, butare not limited to:A.Mid Maryland boys or girls teamsB.Public High School or Middle SchoolteamsC.Private High School or Middle SchoolteamsPlayers that are on a “scout team” -i.e., practice with a competitively selected team but do not dress or play in games –may still play in CCYBAuntil or unless they are removed from the scout team and added as a rostered member of a competitively selected team. Conversely, a player regains CCYBAeligibility if he/she is no longer a member of a competitively selected team for any reason.All players must be in attendance and in good standing at a public, private or home school grade 1st through 12th. Players who are suspended or restricted from attending school in their county shall not be eligible to play in CCYBA.

AAU players, teams and tournament participationCCYBAstrives to provide a competitive experience for all players in our communities, regardless of skill level. However, CCYBAis not set up to provide AAU teams a convenient league to play in during the wintermonths. It is expected that players are rostered on a team within an organization that serves the community where a player resides. Although players may be members of an AAU organization outside of CCYBA, AAU organizations should not enter complete teams into CCYBAeven if it is under a community banner. While there is no rule limiting the number of players on a team that are also members of an AAU organization or team, Area Coordinators should strive to form rosters based on players residing within their respective communities. The Scheduling and Competition committee shall have final say over the placement and eligibility of teams and players. Teams may play in tournaments outside of CCYBAif they so choose, but schedule changes will not be made to accommodate tournament participation.Article V: Association ResponsibilitiesThe Association shall be responsible for executing league actions as defined in these Bylaws, the CCYBAPlaying rules and any contractual agreements of the Association. The Association shall also be responsible for the general supervision of player, parent, and coach conduct, the creation and management of game schedules, the coordination with referee organizations, and the determination of member financial assessments and resolution of Member disputes.

Section I: Financial AssessmentsThe Association shall determine Member dues for the following season at the end of season meeting for the prior year. Association dues include, but are not limited to:a.Administrative fees associated with maintaining an onlinepresenceb.Software packages or services for the creation and management of the leaguegame schedulec.Liability or other insurancecostsd.Refereefeese.Trophy procurement for end of seasontournamentsf.Miscellaneous administrative costs incurred and approved as a result ofleague activities such as supplies, bank fees, postage,etc.The Association will conduct a season-end financial reconciliation and provide the results of that to the Members in the form of a financial assessment within 60 days of the completion of tournament game schedule. This financial assessment may result in debt or credit to each Member. A debt shall be incurred if the Member did not provide required gym space for home games and a credit would result if the Member provided more gym space than required.Determination of the amount of a debt or credit to each member shall include referee fees, facility fees and other fees as applicable. The Association will pay those Members who have a credit with the league after all Members who owe debts have paid. Members who are indebted to the Association shall pay within 30days of notification. Members may challenge the amount of a debt or credit to the Finance Committee through the Association Treasurer. Members who have not resolved their financial obligations under this section of the bylaws shall not be allowed to participate in league games until all obligations arefulfilled.Section II. League Structure and ScheduleThe CCYBAstrives to provide a competitive, fun and instructional youth basketball experience for children in Frederick County, Carroll County and the surrounding communities. It is the intent of theCCYBAto provide competitive playing opportunities for as many community youth as possible.

The following are the age and gender bands for CCYBAleague play:Boys Under 6years old (BoysU6)Boys Under 8 years old (Boys U8)Boys Under 10 years old (BoysU10) Boys Under 12 years old (BoysU12) Boys Under 14 years old (BoysU14) Boys Under 16 years old (BoysU16) Boys Under 19 years old (BoysU19)Girls Under 10 years old (Girls U10) Girls Under 12 years old (Girls U12) Girls Under 14 years old (Girls U14) Girls Under 19 years old (Girls U19)

Within each age/gender band, teams will be grouped in divisions based on a competitive assessment by each Area Coordinator submitting the teams prior to the start of league play. Each team submitted shall be assessed to be in one of the following categories:1.Division A –the most competitive division with the most skilled and experiencedplayers2.Division B –moderately competitive and skilled, or mixed skillplayers3.Division C –least competitive or least skilled and experiencedplayersDepending on the number of teams within each age/gender band, there may not enough teamstocreate schedules for all three divisions. The minimum number of teams within a division shall be six (6). The Scheduling and Competition committee has the final authority to move teams around based on competitiveness or other scheduling circumstances, irrespective of what category is originally assigned to ateam.The Scheduling and Competition committee shall schedule teams within each division against each other to maintain competitive balance. The intent of the schedule is to match teams of like ability against each other as much as practical in the same age/gender band. In rare circumstances, teams may also be moved up to a higher age/gender band to maintain competitive balance. A mid-season team re-assessment shall be done no earlier than after week #3 of the season, but no later than after week #5. Teams may be reshuffled within or between divisions as a result of the mid-season team reassessment.The CCYBAregular season league schedule shall consist of 10 games for each team, played on Saturdays and Sundays between early December and mid-February. The exact dates shall be determined at the first meeting of each new season. Teams shall have only onegame per week unless an odd number of teams in a division require a team or teams to have a double-header weekend, or a makeup game is scheduled.CCYBAshall organize and conduct an end of season, single-elimination tournament consisting of all teams in good standing from the regular season. The Scheduling and Competition committee shall organize the tournament brackets based on regular season record, strength of schedule and a subjective assessment of the competitive level of each team. The Scheduling andCompetition committee shall create the brackets with additional input as needed. Tournament brackets shall contain a maximum of 12 teams. No minimum bracket size is dictated, but suggested that a bracket with fewer than 8 teams only be created in unique and necessary circumstances. Teams maybe moved around to create the most competitive tournament brackets regardless of the placement of a team during the regular season. However, under no circumstances shall a team be moved in violation of eligibility requirements of Article IV, Section II of this document.

Section III: Weather Cancellations and Game ReschedulingGame cancellations due to weather shall be determined by the Scheduling and Competition committee and publicized to Members as soon as the determination is made. The CCYBA10weather cancellation policy follows County Snow Emergency Plans and specific closure policies for the facilities that host league games.Games that cannot be played due to weather may be made up by the league, depending on gym and team availability. Any Member wishing to coordinate a rescheduled game with another Member should inform the Scheduling and Competition committee so that the game may be put on the schedule and referees assigned.

Section IV: Schedule ConflictsEach Member shall submit organization, team and coach scheduling conflicts in response to deadlines set each year by the Scheduling and Competition committee. Although ideally each team should have a unique Head Coach and Assistant Coach, the Association understands volunteers are not always available. In addition to working around academic and religious conflicts, the Scheduling and Competition committee shall also attempt to schedule around coach conflicts for those volunteers who are coaching multiple CCYBAteams. At no time shall CCYBAattempt to schedule around another sport or basketball league schedule for a particular coach or team. Other types of scheduling requests may be considered by the Scheduling and Competition committee, but is not guaranteed.

Section V: Game OfficialsThe Association shall provide 2 certified, game-day officials for each league game. The cost of providing those officials, or entering into a contract with an officials organization shall be discussed at the first meeting of the season, and incorporated into the annual league fees. Each organization may “opt out” if they so choose, but then must make their own arrangements to have at least 2 certified officials at each of their home games. Certification requirements for officials at U10 boys and girls gamesmay be relaxed by the Rules and Ethics committee.


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